Trout Feeds

Specialised Aquatic Feeds started manufacturing trout feed for the local trout market in October 2015. The team at SAF has progressed significantly in this area and has developed high quality feeds providing excellent growth and feed conversion rates. Our technical support team is able to provide you with advice and guidance in choosing the correct feed and feeding rates to achieve optimal growth in your chosen production system.

Trout starter feeds

Formulated for the early development stages of trout.

Fry from 0.5 g – 12 g require a diet high in digestible proteins and the optimal vitamin levels to provide them with the best possible foundation in this crucial developmental stage.

The starter feeds are offered in the following size categories:

#0 (< 0.5mm)

#1 (0.5mm < 1mm)

#2 (1mm < 1.5mm)

#3 (1.5mm < 2mm) 

Trout grower feeds

As trout develop from fry to fingerling to grow out stages their nutritional and energy requirements change significantly. We have developed a range of grow out feeds that align with these requirements.

The trout grower feeds are offered in the following size categories: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10 mm.

We also produce:

High Temperature trout feed specifically formulated to assist trout in the stressful warmer Summer season

Health Diet trout feed to boost the fish’s immune system before stressful events such as vaccination, transport or anticipated stressful weather events.

Broodstock trout feeds aimed at optimal ova development, immune support for the broodstock during the stripping season and optimal recovery after the season.

Please note that our products may contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). We believe that the responsible use of GMOs contributes to agricultural sustainability through reduced pesticide use, greater per hectare production yields and reduced water consumption.