High Quality Koi Feed produced locally - OptiGoi Premium Koi Feed

Specialised Aquatic Feeds produces a range of High Quality Koi feeds to suit all Koi growing conditions. We produce a small (2mm), medium (4mm) and large (7mm) pellet that floats and is highly water stableContact us today to try our range! 

Please note that our products may contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). We believe that the responsible use of GMOs contributes to agricultural sustainability through reduced pesticide use, greater per hectare production yields and reduced water consumption.

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Tel: +27 28 313 8581

Ryan Weaver

Technical Support and Sales Manager

Tel: +27 28 313 8581

Cell: +27 83 235 8027

Email: ryanw@safeeds.co.za

Japie Engelbrecht

Managing Director

Tel: +27 28 313 8588

Email: japie@safeeds.co.za

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