Abalone Feeds

Over the years SAF has made significant progress in formulating optimal abalone feeds for weaning, growth, health and harvest yield. We have developed feeds for the different nutritional requirements of abalone as they age within the production process. Our feeds provide excellent growth, shell strength, eFCR and processing yields. No fish oils are used in the production of our abalone feeds and all raw materials used are fully traceable to source. 


SAF Weaning feed

We developed this feed taking into consideration the nutritional requirements of spat at the early stages of development specifically after de-plating (spat < 1gms size). A mixture of seaweed (Ulva Lactuca) and formulated SAF weaning feeds has proven to provide excellent results at an early stage.  


We offer the weaning feeds in the following size ranges:


# 0 – < 0.5mm;

# 1 – 0.5mm < 1mm;

# 2 – 1mm < 1.5 mm,

# 3 – 1.5mm < 2mm.


10mm X 4mm X 2mm Tapered pellet

SAF 2000 Pellet and Long Pellet Early phase feed

The stage in the abalone growth cycle is catered for by the SAF 2000 Pellet. This early stage abalone feed was specifically formulated to ensure good shell health, growth and development from spat through to 25gms in size. This diet comes as a short pellet or longer pellet depending on the rearing environment on the abalone farm where it is being fed. 


We offer the SAF2000 grow out feed in the following sizes:

Standard pellet: 10mm X 10mm X 2mm

Long pellet: 10mm X 20mm X 2mm

SAF 3000
Grower feed

Big Leaf: 40mm X 40mm X 2mm.

This feed was designed to be a complete grow-out feed and can be fed from 25gms all the way to harvest size.

SAF 4000
Grower feed

We have found that abalone over 150 gms require less protein in their diets. The SAF 4000 grower-diet was thus formulated as a standard grower diet for larger animals to maintain growth and health. This diet also falls within the guidelines of ASC and other certifications regarding the Forage Fish Equivalency ratio (FIFO).

We offer the SAF4000 grow out feed in the following sizes:


Big Leaf: 40mm X 40mm X 2mm or

Long Leaf: 40mm X 300mm X 2mm.

Please note that our products may contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). We believe that the responsible use of GMOs contributes to agricultural sustainability through reduced pesticide use, greater per hectare production yields and reduced water consumption.